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Technology can be your absolute best buddy, or sadly, it can be your worst enemy.  Pretty sure we can all remember a time when we were excited to rip into some new tech gadget and were underwhelmed and/or frustrated by how poorly it actually performed compared to our expectations.

So, what are we getting at here?

Well, technology used in the hiring proces is often your candidates first encounter with your company.  It can also determine how efficiently your hiring team can do their jobs.  So yes, technology in the hiring process can be you and your candidates best friend, or it can make the process absolutely miserable for all involved.

5 Ways Poor Technology Affects Candidate Experience

1.  Frustrating Career Sites – Not only is it upsetting for candidate’s when they have trouble locating the careers section, once they are there, information about the company, culture, and benefits can be hard to find or non-existant.  Maybe the biggest downer is when finding the section to view open jobs and apply is like working through “Where’s Waldo”.  If it takes longer than a few minutes to find this information, you can’t expect candidates to to hang around.

2. Never-ending Applications – An application shouldn’t be long enough that it makes candidates feel like they are writing an autobiography.  Oh, and time for yet another dating reference.   You wouldn’t ask someone for their Social Security Number on a first date would you?  Well, that and other personal information should absolutely not be requested early on in the process.


3.  The Candidate Black Hole – When the system isn’t set up to respond to candidates or even notify the hiring team that there are applications waiting, then this is where we have the dreadful black hole.   Candidates may be sitting in the system for weeks or months without one single notification that the company has received their application.


4.  Difficulty Navigating the  Screening Process - Weak technology in screening greatly affects how candidates view the process , as well as how well the hiring team does their job in this area.  Sadly, as the number of qualified candidates increase, this just gets more complicated.


5.  Overall Implementation Issues - Some companies fail to implement technology that is designed to move candidates quickly through each hiring step, while also failing to communicate important information.  A long and drawn out process benefits no one.  Not the hiring team, not the candidate, and certainly not the reputation of the company.


One awesome technology for the hiring process is video screening.  Video screening gives candidates that fun tech rush that we all look forward to, but more importantly, moves them through the hiring process quickly and efficiently.

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