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5 Ways for Recruiters to Succeed in times of High Volume

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The pressure of high volume recruiting is somewhat of a right of passage for recruiters.  Some may say that you haven’t truly earned your stripes until you’ve been tossed to the wolves, needing to hire 100 people in 2 months.  Some strive, some panic, but all recruiters are looking for ways to manage their workload and increase their success rate when there is a seemingly endless list of openings to fill.

We have put together our list of 5 ways for recruiters to find success during times of high volume:

  1. Use pre-recorded video screening  – Do you know what’s a waste of time for a recruiter?  Scheduling phone screens.  On top of the back-and-forth scheduling, it’s also time consuming and inefficient to conduct them.  A pre-recorded video screen moves candidates quickly through the system and provides a deeper look into candidates.
  2. KNOW the candidates you’re looking for – This may sound silly and obvious, but if you’re not sure who the “perfect” candidate is, then how do you expect to find the needle in a haystack?  Work with the hiring manager to define exactly who you’re looking for.
  3. Give each position a deadline – We know, the hiring manager wants the position filled ASAP, but they’ve all said the same thing.  Create personal deadlines to keep yourself focused and organized.
  4. Ensure everyone is committed to the process – The hiring team must make filling their openings a priority.  If not, candidates will slip through the crack, and the process will drag on far too long.
  5. Do it right the first time – The last thing a recruiter needs in a time of high volume is turnover.  Tighten up your processes and make the right selection the first time.

In your opinion, how many openings constitute “high volume”? 

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