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The Power of Async’s Metrics Dashboard

The Power of Asyncs Metrics Dashboard

Video interviewing has provided employers with the ability to interview candidates anywhere in the world, but it has also transformed a recruiting process so that there is more data and metrics in the interview process. The power of this new data is incredible for gaining insight into:

  • which managers are better interviewers
  • how long pre-screening takes
  • when and where candidates complete their interviews
  • and much more!

For this reason, Async Interview is tracking information as simple as what percentage of candidates have a webcam to the average time it takes a reviewer to review a candidate’s pre-recorded video interview. Just about anything a recruiter wants to know can be found in Async Interview’s metrics dashboard which allows users to see at a high level their overall metrics, but also allows them to drill down by job or by recruiter. This allows users to benchmark job types or categories against each other.

Going Green

New to Async’s metrics is the ability to measure your environmental impact. This capability allows users to view how they are positively impacting the environment by reducing travel with video interviewing.

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