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Top 10 Tips to Ace a Video Interview

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With an increasing amount of companies utilizing Video Screening and Video Interviewing tools like Async Interview, it’s important to understand how you can be successful in front of the camera!  For recruiters and hiring managers utilizing Async Interview, feel free to pass this blog post on to your candidates so they feel comfortable, confident, and prepared for their video interview with you.

 Here are our Top 10 Tips to Ace a Video Interview:

1.    Prepare Just Like You Would for a Face-to-Face Interview

It’s important to remember that just because you aren’t sitting in front of your interviewers, it doesn’t mean that a video interview should be taken lightly.  Prepare just how you would for a traditional interview.  Research the company, position, and the interviewing team.  Prepare a list of 4-6 questions to be asked at the end.  Practice a video interview with a friend to ensure you feel comfortable and make sure to listen to their criticism.

2.    Pick a Professional Location With an Ideal Background

It’s very likely that you won’t be the only object in view during your video interview.  If you’re using a room in your apartment or house, make sure the room is tidy, with absolutely no embarrassing items in view.  You can take a guess at what some of those items may be.  Close any doors, closets, and drawers.  Keep pets, children, parents, babies, and anything else that takes the focus off of you, out of the room.

3.    Check Your Lighting

Make sure to have plenty of light in your chosen room.  If you look like a caveman/woman, then chances are it will be an awkward interview.

4.    Put Up a “DO NOT DISTURB” Sign

Wherever you choose to conduct the video interview, make sure there are zero interruptions.  If you live with parents, significant other, children, roommates, or your fluffy dog, find a way to keep them out of your room, both visually and audibly.  Find a babysitter/dog sitter for an hour if needed.  Oh, and it’s even OK to put up a “Do Not Ring Doorbell” sign.  Can’t be too cautious!

5.    Dress Professional

Sweatpants and a hooded sweatshirt are absolutely not accepted.  Dress how you would if the interview was in person.  Error on the side of more professional!

6.    Be Mindful of Body Language

The handshake is seen as an important non-verbal action of in person interviewing.  While you don’t have this opportunity, you can still make an impact with your body language.  Sit up straight, keep your hands away from your face, and try not to look down or away from the camera too often.  Pretend that your camera is their eyes and keep your focus there.  Doing this will exude confidence.

7.    Check For a Strong Internet Connection

Technical difficulties are a major bummer for both sides.  Make sure that your Internet connection won’t kick you off or present any problems during your video interview.

8.    Turn Your Phone Completely Off

Keeping a phone on vibrate or silent in person might be OK, but not during a video interview.  If your phone vibrates during your video interviewing and the phone happens to be on your desk, the vibration may actually make an incredibly loud nose or possibly even shake the web camera.  To be safe, just turn your cell phone off.

9.    Keep Your Notes in Front of You

While it’s important to keep your eyes focused on your camera, you may want to prepare some notes, questions, or have a copy of your resume near by.  Do not place these things too far away, as you won’t want to be looking to the left or right during the interview.  If you’re using a laptop, you can place your notes right on the keyboard, since you won’t be typing.

10. Smile

Can’t stress how important a big happy smile can be!  Smiling will show you’re enthusiastic about the opportunity and exude confidence.  Trust me on this, a hiring manager, recruiter, or interview won’t want to be looking back at a blank or disinterested stare.  Smile as often as you can, it will do wonders!


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