Video InterviewingThe premise behind our Pre-Recorded/On-Demand and Live Video Interviewing is simple. Instead of costly group meetings and in-person interview disasters, your organization saves time and money by implementing digital interviewing. And your company can get started in less than one hour.

Video InterviewingPre-Recorded Video Interviewing
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Video InterviewingLive Video

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Video InterviewingPre-Recorded Audio Interviews
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With video interviewing, you can:

  • Reduce travel and optimize scheduling for first round candidates
  • Get valuable feedback from all members of the hiring team
  • Keep your employer brand front and center throughout the interview process
  • Create more efficient workflows based on your scheduling needs
  • Allow candidates to connect personally with your company.
  • Save time and money in every aspect of interviewing: from scheduling to initial screens

We thought of everything. Not only will you find a seamless and fast experience with our proprietary technology, but we provide you with excellent training so your first experience with video candidate selection won’t be your last. Choose virtual training for your organization or our on-site custom training.

Worried about how a cutting-edge solution can be quickly integrated into your trusted processes? No problem, with our Easylink, we’ve created a bridge to the technology you’re already using.

With our video question guides, best practices, white papers and user case studies, Async is your go-to expert in online interviewing services.

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