Audio Interviews

Audio Interviews

Audio Interviews allow multiple candidates to record audio responses to pre-set questions with just a phone. Your team can then review and evaluate those audio responses and make a decision. Audio interviews are great for call centers, virtual representatives, or entry-level field positions while streamlining the screening process.


  • Reduce time-to-hire & improve hiring team’s productivity.
  • Record & listen to interviews anywhere at any time.
  • Evaluate more candidates in less time.
  • Real-time collaboration/feedback from the hiring team with notes & ratings.
  • Whether it’s you, your hiring managers or candidates, you can expect to benefit from top-notch support.


  • One-Click Share: Share a candidate with the hiring team and have them review, rate and leave notes on their own time.
  • Employer Branding: Brand your organization and record questions to increase the candidate’s perception of your company.
  • Reporting & Metrics: Analyze over 25 crucial recruiting metrics to improve your hiring process.
  • No Technology Required: Our audio interviews just require a candidate to dial a number and enter their interview code making this easy for anyone to complete.
  • Secure Platform: Async Interview’s proprietary system uses the latest in technology and security.

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