Ours is not the only hiring tool on the market but we believe it’s the right one for your business. Our clients agree that we provide improved efficiency, dramatic time savings, and a secure real-time or recorded experience that lowers recruiting costs and increases candidate fit. Right now, the only thing standing between you and a system that will save your company time, money and hassles are the questions you have. So let us answer them for you:

What if a candidate doesn’t have a webcam?

Chances are your candidate has a laptop or desktop computer with a camera already embedded. They don’t? No problem, take advantage of our webcam option and have Async ship webcams to those that don’t have one.

Okay, I’m sold. But how do I get candidates into the system?

While Async is a comprehensive system for video interviews, it’s designed to conform to your current processes, making them easier, not more difficult. If you have your candidate’s email address, you can send them invitation to complete their online interview. You can invite one or multiple candidates at a time.

My legal department says I have to keep information on candidates for up to a year? How does that work with video interview data?

Async Interview keeps all data for clients just a click away, allowing you to access pertinent information anytime of the day or night. Our secure servers are dedicated to making sure that your company and recruiting processes are in compliance at all times. Furthermore, our “best practice” process is to keep data for five years from the date recorded, even if you are no longer using Async Interview’s services.

Wait a minute, I’ve heard that video interviewing promotes discrimination. Is that true?

None other than the EEOC informal discussion stated that there is “no bias” found in these solutions. Async contends that discrimination claims rarely if ever, lay with technology. For more information, please see our the EEOC letter in our Resources.

I don’t really have the technical savvy to deal with a “video interviewing system”. How do I know that your products are safe and secure and won’t mess everything up?

Good question. If you’re not technical the answer is Async Interview has deployed state of the art technology to ensure that neither you nor your candidates have “unsolvable issues”. Remember that we built the system to solve problems, not create more. To that end, our User Experience is dead simple, for recruiters, hiring managers, candidates and executives.

The technical answer is Async Interview is run on both Amazon’s Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2) and Simple Storage Service (S3), the de facto leader in cloud computing. Amazon guarantees 99.95% uptime for EC2 and 99.99% for S3. Furthermore, the system is monitored 24/7 by a third-party vendor who will proactively fix server issues. If all that fails, we also have 24/7 external monitoring for uptime. If there are any issues, our team gets contacted immediately. Think of it as a “bat phone” to your Async service team. Your candidates also have direct access to Async’s support and service specialists.

What if the internet disconnects?

Most of recruiting is done on the internet these days and video interviewing and viewing is no exception. However, because each interview question is recorded separately, any internet “freezing up” or connectivity issues will affect only that one question. If that is the case, candidates will have the opportunity to re-record that response.

Do you have any training or support? I’m not sure how comfortable I’ll be on camera.

Yes, every innovative technology has a learning curve and we do our best to stay ahead of that curve, providing you with virtual training, best practices, training manuals and ongoing education via our social media channels like our blog. In addition, we take quarterly reviews of our client base to find relevant best practices in a wide array of industries. We also offer startup support and ongoing custom training at the enterprise level.

What sort of equipment do I need to purchase?

There is NO additional equipment to purchase. Async’s solutions are all web-based and will work with any PC or MAC computer with a webcam enabled. If a webcam is not included or enabled, Async can provide one.

You say this saves time and money. How much exactly?

Studies done in the recruiting industry places the cost savings as 9-10x traditional methods with time savings quoted as much as 30%.  Not convinced, see what our clients are saying.

How long does it take to get started?

Async Interview’s primary goal is to get you up and running as quickly as possible. We can usually have clients up and running within 24 hours.

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